Fresh Ideas

Are you are looking for a professional and straightforward implementation of your software systems?

If the answer is yes, welcome to my site!

With over 27 years of experience in the area of software architecture and software development, I can provide you with the expertise you need to implement your current software projects. Four years as a project manager showed me how strike the balance between schedules, cost, and quality. Often, there isn't the luxury to write the "ideal" code - projects rather require finding a straightforward solution with a minimum of complexity to reach their goals. New and creative approaches allow a shortcut to your needs.

As a basis for efficient development, it is necessary to draw upon a wide range of computer languages, operating systems, technologies and development tools. Especially scripting languages allow automating recurring tasks and reduce development time. Working with version control and error tracking tools is essential to handle any project. Staying up-to-date with new technologies is crucial to benefit from the latest developments.