About Me...


Born in Munich, Germany, I quickly became fascinated with software development. Games programming on an Atari 600XL was the starting point of a long journey into the word of computer systems. After finishing my diploma at the Technical University of Munich, the next step was to broaden my horizon by living, studying, and working for almost six years in the USA, leading to my Ph.D. degree. Besides exploring new technical areas like embedded systems, realtime systems, and robotics, I discovered the joy of developing in international teams. After my return to Munich, I joined the automotive industry for different projects in the area of multimedia, networking, and user interfaces.

Thinking about the different work I have done over the years, I have always been most passionate about two areas: One the one hand, creating interesting products with a focus on an intuitive user interface. And other the other hand, simplifying code by a smart software architecture.

I offer:

  • Many years of experience in the area of software architecture and software development
  • 6 years of international experience in the USA
  • Unconventional and creative solutions
  • Team spirit and the ability to inspire other people
  • Passion and excitement for technology and challenging projects