Project management, architecture and development for a multibus data logger. The blue PiraT is a data logger for the bus systems/interfaces CAN, MOST, LIN, FlexRay, etc. It contains power management, a harddrive for recording, and a client software running on a PC for download and further processing of the data.

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Project Date 2005 - 2009
Customer BMW AG, Daimler AG, Audi AG, Porsche AG, Siemens VDO, Harman-Becker, and more.
Operating System Linux, Windows
Hardware PC, proprietary embedded hardware
Programming Environment Visual C++, GNU
Technologies CAN, MOST 25, MOST 150, RS232, RS422, LIN, FlexRay, GN-Log, network cameras, SSH, FTP, embedded hardware, Power PC, ST10, Blackfin DSP, Powermanagement
Impact Improved the error analysis process during the development process of automotive electronic device units (ECUs)
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