The Robotic Platform, QMotor, and QRobot require graphical user interfaces on the QNX operating system, using Photon, the QNX windows manager. Photon programming by using the Photon API is extensive and leads to long programs that are not easy to read. Using PhAB, the GUI builder for Photon simplifies the development but is limited: It is not possible to use object oriented programming techniques (e.g. to re-use GUI components), and it is not straightforward to dynamically create GUI components. To overcome these problems, QWidgets++ was developed.

Project Date 1997 - 2000
Customer Clemson University, USA
Operating System QNX 4.25 and QNX 6.2
Programming Environment C++, GNU, Watcom
Technologies User Interfaces
Impact Basis for the user interface implementation of different projects at Clemson University

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