The QMotor Robotic Toolkit is set of libraries, programs, and utilities specifically targeted for robotic applications that utilize the QMotor control environment. The toolkit contains a GUI based teachpendant, a trajectory generator, and control programs for the Puma 560 and the Barrett Whole Arm Manipulator (WAM).




Project Date 1998 - 1999
Customer Clemson University, USA
Operating System QNX 4.25 and QNX 6.2
Hardware PC, ServoToGo motion control card
Programming Environment C++, GNU, Watcom
Technologies Real-time, motion control cards, Puma robot manipulators
Impact Published in the Control Systems Magazine

Conference Papers:
M. Loffler, D. Dawson, E. Zergeroglu, and N. Costescu, "Object-Oriented Techniques in Robot Manipulator Control Software Development, Proc. of the American Control Conference, Arlington, VA, June, 2001, pp. 4520-4525."

Journal Papers:
M. Loffler, D. Dawson, and N. Costescu, "QMotor 3.0 and QMotor Robotic Toolkit: A PC Based Control Platform", IEEE Control Systems Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 12-26.